Spring into Relaxation

FlowerIt is May.  The first tax deadlines have come and gone.  Spring is supposed to bring energy and refreshment yet I have neither.   It is time for a few days away.

My parents live in a lovely community in Winona Lake, Indiana.  They live in a large historic stone home with purple trim, stain glass windows, tower rooms, and a grand front porch.  This porch is my haven when I come to visit.  I decided my therapy will be a few half work days at their house.

Arriving mid-day, I found myself wrapping up a few critical tasks and then taking a lovely afternoon nap on their lawn chairs.  With a crisp breeze, I wrapped myself in their red fluffy blanket and happily dozed off.  I only awoke because my allergies are getting the best of me and I need to scavenge for medicine.

The mornings I wake up when I want to and prepare breakfast to be eaten with the chirping birds.  I leash up my dog to meander through the park, the island village, and back up the grand hill to the house.  The grass is radiant green.  The flowering trees and tulips are at their peak.  I love the feeling of cool fresh air filling my lungs.

I jump on my computer for a few hours of work and then take a 45 minute bike ride through the village, the park trails, and the lake estates.  The ride ends with a lovely wood fried pizza at the local bakery while I read my most recent book which happens to be Roger Ebert memoir “Life Itself”.

There is something about spring that makes you feel like you can dream again, that things are possible.  Taking the time to slow down and sit in the stillness and beauty of spring brings clarity to my mind and refreshment to my heart.