Engaging As You Are

iStock_000000078946XSmallA client of mine is going through some difficulties. Ms. Smith, as we will call her, has a fantastic heart to make a difference through her organization. However, due to various unforeseen issues has hit some financial rock bottoms. Earlier this year, she had to scale back on services. We go through seasons as a people and companies. A smart person knows how to recognize these seasonal moments and adjust accordingly. I give her “props” for making the adjustment.

Today I received an email from Ms. Smith asking to meet and review a few things that she has been working on. She then sent a follow up email to ensure that “she is not wasting my time. She is interested in continuing to work together but not sure if I was interested due to the scaled back services.” I appreciate the fact that she understands this is a working relationship that both parties have to be engaged in. But there was something in the email that saddened me. If she felt for a minute that my services were dependent on how profitable a company she was, I wasn’t communicating my passion well to her.

I quick responded “I am perfectly fine still working with you. My goal is to help people reduce their stress. There is not a one size fits all formula for that. I want to work with each company and meet them where they are at. So as you need help and as you grow or not, I will walk with you as you are able to engage.”