Courage to Be Great

Courage to be geatA few years ago, I opened a fortune cookie to read “The courage to be great lies deep within each of us” inscribed on the fortune. Truthfully, that isn’t much of a fortune but it is such a fantastic concept that I took a picture and made it my iphone home page.

The saying reminds me that if I want to be great and do something amazing it won’t be easy. It will have times where it is scary. It will require courage, strength, and tenacity. But somewhere in me, is the drive and ability to do it. It is possible.

The saying inspires me to move. To not be griped with fear. To not be lazy. To not give into the excuse of “I can’t”.



Gautama Buddha said “What we think we become”. I truly believe that somewhere deep in me lies the strength to be great, to push on through adversity, and to make a difference. This belief gives me the courage to go places others won’t tread.

The other thing I have realized is being great is not a onetime big event. It is many little steps that accumulate into something fantastic. Often times, we don’t even realized we have achieved our goals.

I believe this is true for everyone I run into. What they are great in will be different from me. However, I do think they are smart, strong, and driven enough to be great in whatever their heart desires. Each day, I try to grow in learning how to inspire them to find the greatness in themselves, their family, or their business.