Lean In

leaninMy newest book adventure is Sheryl Sanderg’s “Lean In”.  I first got introduced to this book through a friend and then discovered that it has generated some serious controversy.  Before I begin, I should clarify that I haven’t finished reading the book nor am I a mom who must juggle the challenges of work and children.   I also think that all books have times when they go a little extreme on their position.  However, I have been struck with the truth of some of the underlying currents.

Even further, I think many of these currents don’t just apply to women but also to men.  We all operate with a level of insecurity.   A feeling like we can’t actually accomplish what is in front of us.  This doubt and insecurity causes us to put up this wall and lean out of the conversation. We may still be at the table but have taken a step back.

I am very intrigued by how Sandberg will come around the idea of how to overcome these internal walls and lean back into the conversation.  I sometimes wonder what our world would be like if we weren’t controlled by our own insecurities.  I often hear people present these fantastic ideas and dreams but then they never take the step to accomplish them.  Sometimes the refrain is warranted by simply an evaluation of the cost vs benefit.  However, at times I know that refrain is truly a fear of failure or inability.  The truth is the individual is highly qualified to either do the work or organize others.

I wonder what it would take for everyone both male and female to lean in to the table of life.