Consulting Services

acc_con_bannerBrookside Accounting realizes that not every business is in need of bookkeeping services, tax preparation, or training.  For some businesses, the  special projects or one-time assistance is just the stress relief they are looking for.  Depending on the size and nature of these projects, Brookside Accounting is willing to dig in and assist.  Some consulting projects have included:

  • Budget Preparation – Work with your business or organization to draft a viable budget and teach you how to track against the budget
  • Pricing Analysis – Analyze all your costs and determine if you are pricing your products or services correctly
  • Business Plan Preparation – Pull together a business plan to be used internally or for outside funding

These services are usually provided at an hourly rate of $75 per hour.Consultation

In addition to our hourly services, we have packages for our common consulting services:

Quickbooks Set Up

Learn-More For the companies that are just starting (or wanting to start fresh), we will set up your quickbooks with the proper chart of accounts, classes, and jobs/customers.  Enhanced packages are available for customization of invoices / sales receipts and for light training

Quickbooks Tune Up

Learn-MoreFor the companies that are able to track their own finances but want the sanity of mind to know they are doing it right, Brookside will come provide a “tune up” periodically to ensure everything is in order.

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