Personal & Eldercare

Signing a Check

Staying organized and independant doesn’t necessarily mean handling all the financial minutia. Passing on the day to day tasks while maintaining oversite, allows one to get back to their passions. Personal Accounting is a great alternative for the extremely busy professional or for those as they enter their elderly years. Brookside Accounting provides as focused a support for our personal accounting clients as we do for our businesses. We want individuals to be as stress free as possible.

Our services include:

  • Pay bills
  • Balance checkbooks
  • Track expenses
  • Communicate regularly on financial position (available cash flow, assets)
  • Make recommendations to cut costs
  • Track your budget to expenditures and update you on progress
  • Talk to vendors or medical professsions on your behalf regarding bills
  • Prepare documentation for taxes

We can craft our services to work on both a virtual and in-home basis.  Our desire is to reduce your stress.  Each individuals needs are slight different and we adjust to meet your needs.


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