Shoe Box Package

iStock_000008195862XSmallShoe Box Accounting literally means to put all your receipts and accounting documentation in a box for later processing.  Overtime, the pile in that box becomes overwhelming and then we just don’t look at it until we must.  The reasons we must might include the IRS knocking on your door, investors wanting to know more, necessity of outside funding, or simply just too much to handle anymore.

Brookside Accounting would love to take your box of receipts, bank statements, and other documentation and help you organize that into functioning financial statements within Quickbooks that you can use to prepare your tax return, provide to investors, or simply to manage your business better.

We will work with you and your schedule to pull everything together.  The desire is to do this in a manner that empowers and relieves your stress.

Our Shoe Box Accounting is provided at an hourly cost of $50 per hour.


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