The Difference

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Brookside Accounting is about partnering with businesses to relieve the stress of tracking their finances allowing them to get back to running the business. We focus on creating an experience for each client that is specific to their needs, results in quality financial records, and that invokes a sense of relaxation.


Each business is unique. Every partnership begins with an initial meeting to assess the specifics of your company. Brookside takes the time to listen to your fears, stresses, processes, and needs to create a partnership that is uniquely fashioned to your business needs. We bring years of experience and a unique out-of-the-box perspective. We truly want to be your partner in accounting.


Brookside Accounting also ensures that every business’ records are reviewed by a certified public accountant. We pay attention to the details and make certain that your financial transactions are reported accurately. All staff are fully qualified to provide reliable reports to give you peace of mind in your strategic decision making.


We realize that at the heart of most business owners is a passion, dream, and hope to see their business take flight. The excitement of living out a dream is thrilling; however, the stress of maintaining the unfamiliar world of accounting or the effort required to track and document finances begins to drain the joy away. The stress begins to pile up.

Brookside’s passion is to create an environment that reduces the stress. We will go out of our way to provide service that does not add more to your already busy plate. We believe so highly in reducing business stress that we provide our 30-day money back guarantee for all bookkeeping  services.

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